Our Story

HiveIO was built from the ground up to create the world’s most advanced cloud computing paradigm at a fraction of current costs. Leveraging years of experience in large-scale infrastructure and a deep understanding of end user needs, HiveIO effectively balances the myriad requirements of enterprise IT with security and cost to offer the most advanced software defined datacenter solution.

The HiveIO solution evolved from Swarm theory and the way insects and birds flock together but each with their own intelligence work as a combined entity. This is the paradigm of how they find food and address any threat or issues as a group. The solution came from the deep expertise of our cofounders in banking IT combined with the software-centric approach of the worlds’ leading computing architectures. In the center is the fundamental idea of a hive as a swarm of activity and a container that houses this activity. This becomes the next-generation distributed computing environment.

As datacenter technologies have evolved become more complex due to the evolution of computing from mainframes to distributed architectures to the Internet (a kind of Swarm event), HiveIO succeeds in bringing simplicity and cost control to enable IT operations to go beyond hyperconverged infrastructure by delivering a software-defined enterprise cloud.

Providing customers, partners and cloud providers with a simplified infrastructure solution that is cost effective for their datacenters – on or off premise.