A Cloud Platform that Gets Your Datacenter Future Ready

Delivering a Cost Effective Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Our Hive Fabric and Hive USX™ software platform provides many customers in various industries with a complete virtualization solution. The Banking and Finance, Healthcare and Manufacturing industries along with our Managed Service Provider partners have seen the Hive Fabric and Hive USX software provide many solutions throughout their enterprises from performance, enhanced security, mobility and more.

Industry Highlights

Banking and Finance – HiveIO’s Hive Fabric eliminates the complete operational challenges, reduces TCO and offers best ROI in one cloud platform.

Healthcare – Ensures highest level of compliance with enhanced accessibility, mobility and security making your datacenters cost effective and future proof.

Manufacturing – introducing the next generation datacenter that leverages the power of the cloud and delivers a cost effective Virtual Server and Desktop Infrastructure.

Managed Service Providers – One cloud platform, the Hive Fabric, supports some of the largest global enterprises – running thousands of Virtual Servers and Desktops at fraction of the cost.