What We Do

A Software Defined Data Center You Have Never Experienced Until Now

Virtual Data Center Software Solutions – as provided by HiveIO

One platform combining two intelligent software solutions: Hive Fabric and Hive USX™. Customers can leverage high performance, low cost HiveIO Architecture that is future proof and redefines the Next Generation Datacenter.



Manage and control complex environments at a new level of cloud-enabled demand computing. The Fastest performing VDI/VSI experience.


A virtual unified platform. One entire stack in one cohesive cloud environment for provisioning, security, and remote management.


A new unprecedented scale using 85% less storage than comparable solutions. More functionality in less real estate.

 Why HiveIO

Delivering a unique, unparalleled performance and value
to customers in a private and hybrid data center

Extensible Platform

Flexible remote management & integration with third party platforms.

Optimized Infrastructure

No need for proprietary HCI solutions and 3 Tier Architectures.

Simplified Environment

Full infrastructure software stack from hypervisor to end point.

Unparalleled Storage

Accelerated RAM, Flash or SAS based storage ensuring the fastest VDI/VSI experience.

Employee Mobility

Fast VDI experience on any device.

Cost Effective

PaaS stack reduces the cost of VSI or VDI by 50-75%.

Composable Infrastructure Fabric For All Your Applications — at Fraction Of the Cost
  • Big Data
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Remote Office IT
  • VDI
  • Virtual Servers
HiveIO Brings One Cloud Platform as a Complete Virtualization Solution
  • Reducing the cost of a typical VDI implementation by over 50%.
  • 40% more efficient by removing traditional vendor bloat – agents, services and compute sprawl.
  • HiveIO has demonstrated a 75% saving over competitive solutions.
  • Can you afford the cost and complexity of a multi-vendor virtualization strategy?

Your True TCO

See the ROI Benefits

Get your analysis and see how you can have significant TCO savings compared to traditional cloud infrastructure and public cloud technologies. Learn how you can reduce costs by 50-75%. Replacing the need for expensive hypervisor, broker and management in on low cost virtualization solution stack.