• Build a Highly Scalable and Intelligent VDI, VSI, or Virtual Storage Infrastructure on any x86 Server

  • A Virtual Desktop Environment that Improves Application Performance and Security

  • A Hardware Agnostic Hypervisor that Eliminates the Need for a Complex Architecture

  • Intuitive Virtualization Software. No Specialists, Training or Ramp-up Time required

More than Just an Affordable Alternative for the Traditional Legacy VDI Software

Hive Fabric is the Next Generation Virtualization Software. Focused on delivering the best desktop and application performance for the end-user, Hive sorely contrasts with what the traditional legacy datacenter vendors have to offer both in terms of technology, and architecture. Hive Fabric has been designed to meet the needs of all sized businesses for simplicity, flexibility, and affordability at any scale, meaning small, medium or enterprise alike. We deliver on the promise of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology that works for everyone.

One Intelligent Full-stack Solution Powering a Virtual Infrastructure Managed in One Single Pane of Glass

Deploy Fabric Clusters in Just a Few Clicks

Hive Fabric is an easy-to-use Virtualization platform built on a KVM kernel. It provides an end-to-end VDI solution featuring a complete Fabric cluster feature set. Hypervisor, Remote Monitoring and Management, Desktop Broker, Gateway, and Storage Acceleration services are available right out-of-the-box. Hive’s deployment doesn’t require any added appliances, systems, layers of security, or expertise in network architecture. Hive is a simple-to-deploy, hardware agnostic bare metal install that works on any X86 server. In just a few clicks, an IT generalist can cluster a new host, deploy or manage storage, a virtual desktop, server, or an application pool.

The Peace-of-mind that the Applications in your Datacenter are Always Running Smoothly and Securely

Application Pools

Virtual Desktop Pools

Storage Pools

Virtual Machines

Get your Virtual Machines to scale dynamically according to CPU utilization. Application pools automatically provision or remove Virtual Machines to maintain CPU usage across the cluster under a defined threshold. As a result, the applications you're running in your datacenter will always have enough resources to serve peak-time requests and workloads.
Hive Fabric makes deploying desktop pools fast and easy using guest profiles and VDI templates. Admins retain the ability to set granular controls over the pools' configuration to meet their organization's requirements for security and data compliance, without sacrificing usability or performance for the end-user.
Hive Fabric offers multiple storage options to meet the IOP performance requirements of your VDI. Admins can deploy storage pools using local storage (Disk) , in-memory storage (local RAM), or external storage (NFS, CIFS, or Ceph). They also have the ability to back-up their storage to a cloud provider platform such as Azure or AWS.
Hive Fabric admins have the ability to deploy Windows or Linux virtual desktops, and virtual servers. They can create templates to provision different OS versions, enable GPU accelration, smart card or two factor authentication. Standalone Virtual Machines can be created outside of managed pools.

Virtual Servers

Deploy and manage virtual servers in just a few clicks from the unique Hive Fabric user interface. No specialists required, no training needed. The Hive Fabric hypervisor, based on KVM, combines with our intelligent message bus for seamless orchestration.
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Virtual Desktops

Hive Fabric comes complete with our native desktop broker, and profile manager. Production ready VDI within 45 minutes. No other vendors required. Take advantage of our unique In-Memory Storage capability and exceed end use performance expectations.
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Software Defined Storage

Deploy and consume storage to meet your needs and requirements with Hive Fabric. Effortlessly deploy hyperconverged storage, utilize local storage, access in-memory storage, or consume external NFS storage in minutes.
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GPU Integration

Hive Fabric integrates with Nvidia, ATI, and Intel GPU hardware. Effortlessly deploy virtual servers or virtual desktops powered by GPUs. Swap expensive traditional desktops with cost effective, high performance, and secure virtual desktops powered by GPUs.
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Start Evaluating the Next Generation Virtualization Software Today!

3 fast & easy ways to get started risk-free

Windows 10 IOPS for VDI Deployments

Learn how you can properly size storage to meet the right IOPS resource requirements for Windows 10 and its different configurations to maximize the performance of your Windows 10 Virtual Desktop pools. This is an easy-to-digest guide, even for IT pros who are not Network Architects. It can be used as a reference document for your upgrade and migration campaigns.

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Simulate Desktop Workload with Iometer

How do you know that your storage pools have been properly configured to deliver the best possible desktop performance for your end-users? You can simply simulate a desktop workload to test your Virtual Machines. In this guide, you will learn how to configure and use Iometer for VDI testing as well as interpret the test results. This is a useful tool that will help you identify and remove the bottlenecks from your Virtual Infrastructure.

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Hive Fabric and Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix Xendesktop is a popular solution that allows multiple users to remotely access and operate Microsoft Windows desktops running in a datacenter. But for many IT organizations, the cost of running the complete Citrix datacenter solution is cost prohibitive. Hive Fabric provides an affordable alternative that will enable you to offer the Xendesktop workspace at a lower TCO, OPEX, and CAPEX.

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