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HiveIO – Licensing Options – 2024

Executive Summary: As an organization committed to professional relationships and exemplifying the role of a trusted advisor, HiveIO has been meeting and speaking with its customers and other organizational leaders globally. The consensus, brought about by the latest disruption in the virtualization industry, is that businesses want options and flexibility in their enterprise systems without […]

HiveIO – Beat Broadcom’s VMware Pricing Guarantee

Are you feeling the sting of “shock and awe” from your latest VMware quote? Tired of being backed into a corner by hefty price hikes from corporate giants like Broadcom? At HiveIO, we have heard the frustrations, and we are here to offer a helping hand. We are excited to unveil an initiative designed to […]

HiveIO: Pioneering VDI Excellence in the wake of VMware’s EUC Pivot

In a landscape where change is the only constant, recent announcements from Broadcom’s CEO, Hock Tan, have set the stage for a paradigm shift in end-user computing (EUC). VMware, a prominent player in the EUC arena, is charting a new course by divesting its end-user computing and Carbon Black units. This strategic move aims to […]

Hive Fabric: Revolutionizing End User Computing

If you have landed here, you share in concerns regarding the industry giants of the End User Computing (EUC) space. Given the repeated track record of a total disregard by large private equity companies such as Broadcom and Vista, there are many concerns regarding the ongoing stability and exponential cost increase of VMWare and Citrix. […]

A glimpse into the future of VDI: HiveIO & Intel Flex GPU powered VDI is here!

Fresh out of our labs, we have found that Virtual desktops have reached new heights of performance and user satisfaction with our integration of Intel’s latest Flex GPU into HiveIO’s all-in-one VDI solution. Our recent testing has yielded promising results, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of Intel’s Flex GPUs. In this article, we will explore our […]

DCIG Top 5 Rising Vendors HCI Software Solutions Report

HiveIO is proud to have its’ Hive Fabric platform selected for placement in the Top 5 Rising Vendors HCI Software Solutions Report (we’ll go ahead and assume 1st place!). Hive Fabric is a tightly integrated all-in-one HCI platform that empowers any organization, from Edge to Cloud. For those of you who know us, this comes […]

Mitigating RDP Exploits

By Greg Dietrich, VP – Customer Success – HiveIO Inc. With over 4.5M unsecure RDP endpoints accessible on the internet at the height of the Covid19 pandemic (based on these McAfee findings), RDP has been painted with a massive target and it is no wonder the eyes of threat actors have wandered there. Exploiting the […]

Hive Sense

By Greg Dietrich, VP – Customer Success – HiveIO Inc. Many products have roots that begin with a similar “better mousetrap” story and HiveIO is no different. Presented with an overly complex and expensive path to VDI, our founders envisioned a decentralized platform where each host could independently serve all roles necessary to support the […]

Spring – 2022

By Greg Dietrich, VP – Customer Success – HiveIO Inc. Here we are, about midway through 2022, we hope everyone is safe and healthy as we all focus on a return to normal. We wanted to take just a few minutes to share with our community the new and exciting things happening in our corner […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Differences Between VPN & VDI – but were afraid to ask

It is shocking to me that people continue to compare VPN and VDI as two alternatives to data security. Sure data security and breaches, such as those caused by the SolarWinds Orion hack recently, are on the forefront of the news media. Furthermore, data security is costing companies lots of money – as much as […]

Marking a new era in desktop virtualization with HiveIO

In the world of end-user computing there are two key considerations that matter: the end user experience and a simple-to-manage virtualization platform to host virtual apps and desktops. HiveIO, which recently joined the Citrix Ready Program, delivers one of the simplest, top-performing virtualization solutions available in the market today. Let’s look at each consideration at little […]

An open letter to the Healthcare CIO

Dear CIO, As the CIO of a healthcare organization, you are being tested. You must deliver the technological tools crucial to the doctors and nurses on the ground to save lives, and make sure those technologies work 24/7 — with zero downtime, or people literally die. We love our front-line heroes, and appreciate everything they […]

Murphy’s Law is alive and well

Let me give you some personal insight from a CFO as to why VDI is something every organization can benefit from.  Especially now that so many of us are working from home… Sunday night, I have procrastinated enough.  I have a board meeting on Wednesday and need to get the package out for review tonight.  […]

Educational Webinar: Business Continuity During COVID-19

Re-thinking Workforce enablement We certainly live in a different world than 3 months ago. Back then no one would have predicted the impact of a little tiny virus and one man’s appetite for medium cooked bats in China’s to change the world forever – in just a mere few weeks. Every industry and practically every […]

HiveIO Introduces Hive Fabric 8.0 with Added Business Intelligence Capabilities and New Cloud Storage Offerings

New capabilities include added data protection, backup to the cloud, application insights, an updated user interface, and a more sophisticated Hive Sense platform. Hoboken, NJ, January 23, 2020 – HiveIO today announced version 8.0 of Hive Fabric™, an intelligent virtualization solution that provides high-performing, scalable technology that removes complexity in the data center and delivers a […]

Hive Fabric 7.4 Improves Security and Modern Integrations within the Virtualization Technology

November 13, 2019 – HiveIO’s Hive Fabric 7.4 offers increased security features and efficiency-enhancing integrations that remove overhead costs associated with the daily support of virtual environments. This version continues to build upon the AI-ready solution that enables organizations to deploy virtualization technology without unnecessary vendor complexity or the need for costly specialists. Hive Fabric 7.4 […]

The Transformation of Virtual Desktops

In business, companies who shift from building solutions that they believe consumers will use, to building solutions designed based on a customer’s needs, can completely transform an entire industry. I can’t recall the last time I stood in line at a bank, or at a Starbucks for that matter, to wait for what I came […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Healthcare Institutions: A Recap of the 2019 HIMSS Summer Solstice

Last week, HiveIO had the pleasure of joining the North Carolina Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) during their annual Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is an educational conference designed for healthcare professionals. During this time, attendees discuss the latest technology advancements in the industry, and exchange experiences to increase their […]

How to get your Virtualization Technology to Remove Complexity and Increase Efficiency

By Dan Newton Our customers have always been at the forefront of our design and engineering decisions. As we introduce new solutions, our focus is on empowering organizations to engage their generalists and relieve their specialists. General IT administrators can deploy and manage virtualization technology, thus free up time for specialists to innovate for their […]

Rethinking VDI With Hive Fabric

Over the last year, I have visited many of our global customers.  These have included customers in education, healthcare, financial services, federal, as well as Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) and Value-Added Resellers (VAR’s). Our conversations often focus on their IT systems and services and how they are struggling to meet their business goals and how […]

George Nealon Joins HiveIO as VP of Global Sales/CRO, Shares Why Hive Fabric is Designed to Manage Workloads of the Next-Generation Intelligent Data Center

By George Nealon George Nealon joins HiveIO as Vice President of Global Sales/CRO. With more than 20 years of global enterprise sales experience and API integration from IBM, Apigee, and more, Nealon will play an instrumental role in pursuing the company’s strategic roadmap. For the past seven years I’ve worked with global corporations as they embarked […]

An Intelligent VDI Solution for Education

By Dan Newton, CEO – HiveIO Inc. When you look at the history of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the potential was significant. The use cases aligned perfectly with many industries including federal and government, retail, banking, energy, healthcare, and education sectors. As an example, for education there are some very meaningful and tangible benefits to […]

MSP Simplified

By: Dan Newton, CEO – HiveIO Inc. I have spent over ten years working for managed service providers, providing hybrid cloud services to some of the world’s largest organizations and best-known brands, and I have experienced firsthand some of the challenges that MSPs face today. Our teams provided managed services to hundreds of thousands of […]

Driving business forward with Hive Fabric 7.0

By: Toby Coleridge, VP Product – HiveIO Inc. As we worked through the product plans and roadmap for 2018 it became apparent that we had to go back to our roots and focus on driving value for our customers and remove complexity from the data center. We reviewed every feature request and prioritized our engineering […]

Moving to a new era: full-stack solution on top of bare metal

By: Greg Dietrich, Solution Architect – HiveIO Inc. We are continuing to see significant interest in Hive Fabric, especially in delivering the public cloud experience on-premises, and how our solution can fit in any VDI/VSI environment. How does Hive Fabric provide the same functionality and more as other VSI/VDI solutions? It is important to note […]

Hyperconverged Fabric: rethink your on-premise cloud

By: Kevin McNamara, CTO, and Co-founder – HiveIO Inc. Complexity can be interesting. One could debate that complexity can add richness, ambiguity, and variability. Today many argue that in order to build redundancy complexity is a key component. It can be short-lived. At the end of the day, we all agree that Simplicity is Powerful, […]

Why upgrade from USX™ to Hive Fabric™?

By: Greg Dietrich, Solution Architect – HiveIO Inc. USX continues to be a valuable asset to many organizations globally, providing primary storage for Virtual Server (VSI) and Desktop (VDI) environments.  As the original all software SDS platform, USX introduced the concept of allowing customers to create an optimized storage infrastructure leveraging any storage resource within […]

Why upgrade from ILIO™ to Hive Fabric™?

By: Greg Dietrich, Solution Architect – HiveIO Inc. Many of our customers continue to leverage the legacy ILIO storage platform to enhance both the performance and density of their VDI environments. Regardless of the VDI deployment type, ILIO continues to be a valuable extension to these environments; Persistent or Stateless VDI In-Memory or Disk Backed […]

ILIO to Hive Fabric™: My Journey and Yours

By: Kevin McNamara, CTO, and Co-founder – HiveIO Inc. Looking back to 2009, in my role as head of cloud computing at JP Morgan, I was given the onerous task of building a next-generation cloud at scale, which was a first for the enterprise. I was fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best […]

How to Use Iometer to Simulate a Desktop Workload

by: Jim Moyle To deliver VDI Performance it is key to understand I/O performance when creating your VDI architecture. Iometer is treated as the industry standard tool when you want to test load upon a storage subsystem. While there are many tools available, Iometer’s balance between usability and function sets it out. However, Iometer has […]

Hive USX with Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS), Better Together

by: Ruben Spruijt Avatar Historically, the virtual workspace utilizing Citrix PVS has been seen as difficult to utilize due to challenges such as cost, performance, user-experience experience and complexity. Those days are over as there are new developments with Citrix Provisioning Service to lower cost and increase performance by benefiting from flash, software defined storage […]

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