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Datacenter, virtualization and VDI


Virtualization, and
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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Disaster Recovery
for KVM Based Production Platforms

Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery for KVM Based Production Platforms Increasingly, organizations are aware that Disaster Recovery (DR) options, and solutions, no longer need to be based on the same vendor solution as the Production environments and that these solutions can be more affordable.

Windows 10 IOPS
for VDI

Learn how you can properly size storage to meet the right IOPS resource requirements for Windows 10 and its different configurations to maximize the performance of your Windows 10 Virtual Desktop pools. This is an easy-to-digest guide, even for IT pros who are not Network Architects.

Why Upgrade

Hive USX™ was built from the ground up to both replace IL IO and extend the capabilities of the ILIO platform into new areas with additional architectures. Walk through the numerous features of Hive USX that have been added and significantly improved to see all functionality upgrades that have had considerable improvements.

Additional Guides about
Virtualization, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Hive Fabric
and Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix Xendesktop is a popular solution that allows multiple users to remotely access and operate Microsoft Windows desktops running in a datacenter. But for many IT organizations, the cost of running the complete Citrix datacenter solution is cost prohibitive.

Surge and Disaster
Event Plan to AWS EC2

Learn how Amazon Workspace Services EC2 can be used as a surge and failover event architectural tool for HiveIO Customers. Use cases such as non-persist guest workloads (VDI/ VSI) and persist guest workloads (VDI/ VSI) can be either moved on demand or pre-staged for sub-minute transitions.

VDI Templates
How-to Guide

A virtual desktop or virtual machine has three critical parts: the template, the optimized golden image, and the Delta disk. Getting VDI templates right the first time around is essential for successful VDI deployments. Learn how to build the perfect template that will make your life easier.