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Hive Fabric Community Edition (CE) is a free intelligent virtualization software for VDI that gives you the ability to create 5 virtual machines on a single host. The install is hardware-agnostic, and any x86 machine will do. Hive Fabric CE installs and is ready to go in minutes.
  • 1. Install

    To get started with the free version, please fill out the form to receive a welcome email with the ISO file. The installation of CE is a very simple process that can be accomplished with a USB, ISO, or PXE boot.
  • 2. Activate

    Once you have installed Hive Fabric CE you will need to register your ClusterID so we can activate your license key. CE comes with a one-year license for 5 virtual machines. You can upgrade to our full version with more virtual machines at any time by Contacting Us.
  • 3. Configure

    It takes just minutes to configure CE. Use our configuration guides for loads of tips including how to leverage our proprietary in-memory primary storage capability. Join our CE slack channel to speak with your peers or get quick answers to any questions you might have. There is no limitation on the amount of external storage, RAM or local storage that can be deployed.
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Included in HiveIO’s All-in-One Solution

Local Disk and
in RAM Storage
You can deploy virtual machines to local RAM or Disk storage pools for your stateless or persistent virtual desktops.
See real-time performance of a host or a guest machine including CPU, local storage, and memory usage, as well as Network or Storage IO.

You can go back 30 days to find the root cause of an issue or an alert.
Hive Fabric provides the ability to use a network target as an available Storage Pool within the host or cluster. Support includes for NFS, CIFS, Ceph (RBD), Amazon AWS, and Azure.

Desktop Pools create a set of identical virtual desktops, all using the same settings. They inherit the attributes of a guest profile and template.
An Application Pool allows a pool of VMs to dynamically scale based on CPU utilization across the pool. These pools auto-provision or remove VMs based on the threshold set for CPU consumption. Cluster Resource Scheduling ensures load balancing across the Fabric cluster.
Virtual Machine
VMs can be created outside of Desktop and Application Pools, commonly referred to as standalone VMs as they exist outside of the scope of a managed pool. Hive Fabric supports a variety of Operating Systems.

You can use GPU as a passthrough device and dedicate an entire physical GPU to a developer workstation or slice the memory of a GPU card into smaller chunks and add them to an individual machine or a pool.
Access to
Physical Desktops
For users that need to access machines in a remote office, HiveIO provides the ability to remotely log into the machines or servers with ease and as part of the same highly secure fabric.
(Available in full solution only)
Hyperconverged storage is easy to enable with Hive Fabric for clusters containing two or more hosts. You can create shared storage among hosts in the clusters. It is self-contained, secure, and highly available within the cluster, making it ideal for a variety of workloads.
(Available in full solution only)

Supports clustering multiple hosts together allowing for cross-server administration, resource load balancing and simple administration of a large number of hosts. Provides the ability to deploy nodes running different OS versions of Windows or Linux.
(Available in full solution only)
Cluster Resource
Ensures load balancing, and hosts from overloading - including distribution of Virtual Machines and optimal use of cluster resources. Algorithmically measures current system load over time and nominates guests as migration candidates.
(Available in full solution only)
Desktop Broker
Allows admins to enable secure remote access for their end-users using Two-factor authentication, Smart Card authentication, or RDP, with a customizable web interface.
(Available in full solution only)

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