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The Best Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure Platform
on the Market. Period.

Fully Integrated VDI Solution

We deliver a fully integrated VDI solution that delivers all the components to deploy and scale in less than 1 hour.

What We Do

HiveIO develops Hive Fabric, a tightly integrated all-in-one virtualization platform providing unparalleled end user experience while delivering on the promise of a complete VDI solution.

We help organizations who are challenged with the cost and complexities of VDI management by leveraging Swarm theory to intelligently utilize resources, scale their infrastructure, and simplify its management.

What Makes Us Different

HiveIO offers a complete VDI solution that is simple to deploy and manage. A platform that intelligently scales your infrastructure automatically, removing the need for specialists and costly certifications.

Hive Fabric puts the end-user at the forefront of it's solution offering the very best in end-user experience. Supported by our unique capability to create In-Memory storage for Stateless Desktop. All of this is achieved whilst offering the lowest cost of ownership across the industry.

The Origin of Our Technology

Hive Fabric evolved from Swarm Theory - How decentralized, self-organized systems come together. A simple example we can all relate to is how honey bees build hives!

Bees work together to build a complex hive, yet each has its own intelligent work pattern. Individually, they work to find food and survive. As a group, they come together to combat threats and build a complex hive which is flawless despite being simple, and fallible at the individual level.

Our founders applied this theory to the Hive Fabric Cluster technology and the next generation of distributed computing was born.

Today, we have thousands of users relying on our technology to run hospitals, universities, and other critical businesses, that cannot afford any degradations or outages in their IT infrastructure.

Leadership Team

Ofer Bezalel
Founder and Chief Executive

An expert in the cloud and virtualization space, with over 20 years of leadership experience in delivering large-scale solutions.

Yama Habibzai
President and Chief
Operating Officer

Operational leader with over 20 years of experience in go-to-market strategies and execution, with successful outcomes.

Francesca Lancer
Chief Financial

Finance executive focused on fiscally conservative practices leading to maximized bottom line growth.

George Nealon
VP Global Sales
and CRO

Over 20 years of Global Enterprise Software Sales for both large scale software companies and innovative market making startups.

Board of Directors

Ofer Bezalel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Hinck
Managing Partner
Rally Ventures
Nate Lentz
Managing Partner
Osage Venture Partners
Dave Toth
Board of Directors


Rally Ventures
Osage Venture Partner
Eldorado Ventures
Winner of 2020 Red Herring Awards, selected among thousands of entrants - recognized as one of the most exciting and innovative private technology companies.
Winner of 2020 Red Herring Awards, selected among thousands of entrants - recognized as one of the most exciting and innovative private technology companies.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

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