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White Papers

Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery for KVM Based Production Platforms

Increasingly, organizations are aware that Disaster Recovery (DR) options, and solutions, no longer need to be based on the same vendor solution as the Production environments and that these solutions can be more affordable. These alternative solutions can also greatly reduce both licensing and architectural complexity. Hive Fabric provides such an alternative, particularly for those production environments that are deployed on KVM hypervisor and architecture.

Windows 10 IOPS for VDI

Walk through the IOPS resource requirements for Windows 10 in different situations that gives enterprise architect the information needed to correctly size storage for Virtual Desktop projects. And learn how the value for money VDI environment is not hard to achieve with the right information about IOPS and the right technologies to solve the problem.

Windows 10 IOPS for VDI
Why Upgrade ILIO to USX?

Hive USX™ was built from the ground up to both replace IL IO and extend the capabilities of the ILIO platform into new areas with additional architectures. Walk through the numerous features of Hive USX that have been added and significantly improved to see all functionality upgrades that have had considerable improvements.

Why Upgrade from ILIO to USX
Hive Fabric and Citrix XenDesktop

Hive Fabric™ in combination with Citrix XenDesktop is a powerful solution that offers an unrivaled end user experience, simple provisioning, and administration of the desktop all while providing cloud scale and economics with the additional benefit of securely running in your data center. Walk through how Hive Fabric and Citrix XenDesktop work together to deliver a powerful, cost-effective solution.

Hive Fabric and Citrix XenDesktop
HiveIO surge and disaster event plan to AWS EC2

The purpose of this paper is intended to detail how Amazon Workspace Services EC2 can be used as a surge and failover event architectural tool for HiveIO Customers. Use cases such as non-persist guest workloads (VDI/ VSI) and persist guest workloads (VDI/ VSI) can be either moved on demand or pre-staged for sub-minute transitions.


Case Studies

New York Hospital Standardizes on Hive Fabric

A powerful VDI solution creates cost savings enabled by this platform as a key driver for selection and adoption.


Heating Up Desktop Performance

Removing the cost barriers to deploying a VDI based on Citrix XenDesktop with Hive USX whiles providing consistent performance.


Hill Air Force Base Keeps Its Data Center Flying High

Hive USX reduces data by almost 90%; meeting the demand for greater application performance while achieving increased agility and cost efficiency.


The Competitiveness of New DaaS Offering

Software-defined storage solution to launch hosted virtual desktop service that outperforms with impressive performance and greater scalability.


Epiphany School of Global Studies: Better Performance, Simple Management with Hive Fabric

Private School in North Carolina simplified their data center, reduced TCO by more than 50%, and expanded VDI capabilities with Hive Fabric


Solution Briefs

Hive Fabric Solution Brief

Build your on-premise cloud for half the cost. Learn how one Software Defined Data Center platform creates endless possibilities.


Remote and Branch Office:

Branch offices, small offices, manufacturing facilities and any other ROBO demand a reliable, cost-effective, easy-to-deploy and manage solution.


Data Protection and Disaster Recovery:

Secured Virtualized Applications with in-built backup and Disaster Recovery Capabilities.


Virtualization and On-premise Cloud:

The economics and simplicity of the Public Cloud in your data center. No more VMware Tax or proprietary HCI hardware.


Database Workloads:

Faster seek time and increased storage capabilities to run any database workload.



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