HiveIO – Licensing Options – 2024

Executive Summary:
As an organization committed to professional relationships and exemplifying the role of a trusted advisor, HiveIO has been meeting and speaking with its customers and other organizational leaders globally. The consensus, brought about by the latest disruption in the virtualization industry, is that businesses want options and flexibility in their enterprise systems without exorbitant costs. Motivated by these insights, HiveIO is announcing updates to its licensing models.

Hive Fabric Community:
Hive Fabric Community Edition (CE), the free version of HiveIO’s award-winning virtualization platform, has been redesigned to provide a basic and dependable virtualization solution without the bells and whistles of the paid option. Our recent changes include unlimited perpetual single host use, which would meet the demands of those requiring just the basic virtualization, as well as those looking to familiarize themselves with our offering.

Hive Fabric Core:
For the customers that do not require advanced virtualization features like VDI or HCI and simply need a platform to host virtualized guests, ensure their high availability, and protect these assets from potential disasters. The new Hive Fabric Core licensing provides everything needed to run and manage your virtualized environment on a single Hive Fabric host or across a cluster, in an all-in-one platform offered at a very competitive price point. Ideal for deployments that do not need virtual machine pool orchestration, remote access via gateway, or hyperconverged storage.

Hive Fabric Enterprise:
HiveIO has always referred to its all-inclusive platform as Hive Fabric. However, with the introduction of Core and the extended use of CE, HiveIO is rebranding its full-featured version as Enterprise. With Enterprise, subscribers enjoy the benefits of all features built into the platform, including guest pool deployments, remote access gateway, hyperconverged storage, user profile management, and 2FA to name a few. Moreover, the Enterprise version also includes additional flexibility in licensing methods, like consumption, CPU core, or VM-based.

The Rise of HiveIO:
Since its inception, HiveIO has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the virtualization landscape. Our mission to deliver simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness has earned widespread acclaim and adoption across various industries. Unlike VMware’s complex licensing models and frequent price increases, HiveIO offers a transparent and straightforward approach, enabling organizations to achieve their virtualization goals affordably and efficiently.

In a market plagued by rising prices, vendor lock-in, and unscrupulous business practices, HiveIO stands as a reliable and trusted advisor. With a proven track record of delivering innovation, superior performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, HiveIO is the go-to solution for organizations seeking an alternative to industry giants. As organizational leaders continue to voice their concerns and advocate for change, HiveIO remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering organizations with the tools and technologies they need to thrive in the digital age.