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Webinar Series

5 Ways to Leverage VDI
for Business Continuity
During COVID-19

Presenter: Toby Coleridge
Title: Chief Product Officer

Webinar Summary

As part of our COVID-19 relief program, we've been helping schools, hospitals, and other organizations migrate their mission-critical Organizational Units from physical to virtual desktops. In just a day or two, we’ve been able to restore their essential operations by enabling remote work without compromising desktop performance, IT compliance or security. From that experience, I have 5 important takeaways that I'd like to share with you.

What You Will Learn

  • How to manage the shift from office to home working 
  • Strategies for getting from physical to virtual desktops
  • How to backup your VDI and implement disaster recovery
  • How our customers solved their COVID-19 related pain points

Toby Coleridge

About Toby Coleridge

Toby Coleridge is the Chief Product Officer at HiveIO. Toby has over 15 years of experience building industry leading cloud and virtualization products for a wide range of companies including Citrix.

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