A glimpse into the future of VDI: HiveIO & Intel Flex GPU powered VDI is here!

Fresh out of our labs, we have found that Virtual desktops have reached new heights of performance and user satisfaction with our integration of Intel’s latest Flex GPU into HiveIO’s all-in-one VDI solution. Our recent testing has yielded promising results, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of Intel’s Flex GPUs. In this article, we will explore our findings, shedding light on the power and  flexibility of these GPUs, as well as Intel’s commitment to providing cost-effective virtual GPU solutions, overcoming licensing obstacles faced with other providers.

During our testing, we were delighted with the exceptional utility of these Intel Flex GPUs. For instance, the Intel Flex 140 GPU, equipped with 12GB of RAM, proved capable of supporting up to 62 virtual desktops, offering a seamless and responsive experience for any light to medium load user. At this level of segmentation, organizations can expect overall desktop acceleration and improved user experience with collaboration tools, browser based applications, and light 3D rendering tasks. The same card can also be “right sized” to provide exceptional performance for up to 32 heavy users or 16 power users. With this level of flexibility, businesses can confidently deploy resource intensive applications and provide their users with the power they need to tackle complex tasks, all within the virtual desktop environment.

Virtual GPUs play a crucial role in optimizing the performance and efficiency of browser based applications and tasks by significantly reducing the CPU utilization. With traditional CPU-centric rendering, the processor handles both computational tasks and graphical rendering, leading to higher CPU usage and limited scalability. However, by offloading graphics intensive workloads to virtual GPUs, the CPU is freed up to focus on other critical tasks, resulting in decreased CPU usage and improved resource utilization. This reduction in the CPU footprint enables greater density of virtual desktops, allowing businesses to achieve higher levels of consolidation, scalability, and overall system performance. Virtual GPUs not only enhance the user experience but also empower organizations to efficiently leverage their infrastructure resources, maximizing productivity while minimizing costs.

Industry feedback has revealed that many organizations find the additional licensing required by market leaders for GPU virtualization to be cumbersome and cost prohibitive. Intel has addressed this challenge head-on, and as a testament to their commitment to driving innovation and affordability, provides the ability to leverage virtual GPUs with no additional licensing costs. This means that businesses can fully leverage the power of Intel’s Flex GPUs without the added burden of expensive licensing, enabling them to maximize their VDI investments while minimizing costs.

The results of our testing with Intel’s Flex GPUs have left us exhilarated about the future of GPU enhanced virtual desktops. With remarkable performance capabilities and Intel’s dedication to cost-effective virtual GPUs, businesses can embrace the full potential of VDI without the limitations imposed by licensing costs and complexities. HiveIO is proud to partner with Intel to deliver a VDI solution that revolutionizes the virtual desktop experience, empowering organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.