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Our Story

HiveIO was started with one goal in mind - to create an advanced cloud computing paradigm at a fraction of current costs with simplicity at its core. Leveraging years of experience in large-scale infrastructure and a deep understanding of end user needs, HiveIO effectively balances the requirements for enterprise IT with security and cost to offer the most simplistic, effective software defined datacenter solution in the industry.

The HiveIO solution evolved from Swarm theory and the way insects and birds flock together; in our case we use the bee analogy and building a Hive. Bees work together to build a complex Hive, yet each has their own intelligent work pattern. Individually, they find food and address any threat or issues. As a combined entity, they build a complex Hive which is flawless despite failures at the individual bee level.

The deep expertise our cofounders have in the banking IT sector, combined with the software-centric approach of the world's leading computing architectures and the Swarm theory evolved into HiveIO. At it's core, the fundamental idea of Hive as a swarm of activity and a container that houes this activity - the next-generation distributed computing environment was born.

Leadership Team

Dan Newton
Chief Executive Officer

Cloud Computing and Technology Executive with 15 years of experience recognized for his passion for customer service.

Ofer Bezalel
Chief Development Officer

Founder, an expert in the cloud and virtualization space, with over 20 years of leadership experience in delivering large-scale solutions.

Francesca Lancer
Chief Financial Officer

Finance executive focused on fiscally conservative practices leading to maximized bottom line growth.

Toby Coleridge
VP Product

Technology Executive and Product Leader with more than 15 years of experience building industry leading cloud and virtualization products.

George Nealon
VP Global Sales and CRO

Over 20 years of Global Enterprise Software Sales for both large scale software companies and innovative market making startups.

Board of Directors

Ofer Bezalel,
Chief Development Officer
and Co-Founder
Jeff Hinck,
General Partner
Rally Ventures
Nate Lentz,
Managing Partner
Osage Venture Partners
Dave Toth,
Board of Directors
Dan Newton,
Chief Executive Officer


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