An open letter to the Healthcare CIO

Dear CIO,

As the CIO of a healthcare organization, you are being tested. You must deliver the technological tools crucial to the doctors and nurses on the ground to save lives, and make sure those technologies work 24/7 — with zero downtime, or people literally die. We love our front-line heroes, and appreciate everything they do and have done, particularly in the world of COVID-19. But the unsung heroes are those that make their jobs possible, unseen, or heard to the public view – the IT teams and leaders like yourself that enable the entire organization to function.

At HiveIO, we have been working with large hospitals for many years and are constantly learning about your challenges. We continue to add capabilities and use cases that matter most. Over the years, we’ve learned that CIOs like you are pressured from two directions. 1) Deliver tools that work at peak performance and 2) Deliver the capabilities with less budget, due to spending cuts. The pressure on you is greater than ever, and we want to thank you for what you do.  You make it all work and continue to save lives.

The main reason for my letter is to bring to your attention a major IT operations and capital cost reduction area that several other CIOs have already embraced: the cost of desktops. A low hanging fruit of savings. In recent years, the cost of an enterprise desktop used by nurses, doctors, and other staff to do their jobs has not only changed, but has gone up in price, averaging over $1,000 each. And yet, their life span is short, as they must be replaced every 2-3 years, costing more in IT resource staffing and end user downtimes. The world of IT, when it comes to end user desktops, is changing faster than any other time in computing history. What used to be a single computer, became a client-server solution, which has now become a thin-client-cloud solution, where the entire desktop and the underlying infrastructure and applications are all running in a public or private cloud, with the use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

There are many benefits to VDI, besides reduced cost. Users can easily transition from on-prem to remote use cases, they can access their applications and files from anywhere, on any device.  Additionally, it is highly secure, can scale linearly, and maintains a consistent performance that your doctors and nurses can depend on. VDI has evolved and is no longer shackled by burdens of the complexity and the cost of the traditional vendors.  It is the future of end user computing.

I encourage you to take a look at VDI from HiveIO, in particular as we deliver an easy to use, full VDI technology stack, with unparalleled performance, and zero overhead, with a proven track record in the health industry, all from  a single ISO install.

Your organization can be up and running in a few hours.  And they’ll love you for it. Check us out at and have your team sign up for a free trial.  If there is anything I can do personally to assist with your VDI questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Ofer Bezalel – CEO & Founder of HiveIO