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The Most Advanced & Reliable
Desktop-as-a-Service from HiveIO

Your End user Computing. Simplified.

In an increasingly mobile world, businesses must enable their remote workforce while maintaining the same or less IT staffing, abide by higher security measures - and do it all with less cost. With HiveIO’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) the management of the virtual desktop environment is simplified. With one central environment, your hardware and virtualization software refreshes become the duties of the service provider, freeing your IT team to focus on more strategic, business specific goals.

3 Flexible Ways to Deploy HiveIO VDI

A worry free,
fully managed
HiveIO DaaS offering
via our Service
Provider partners.
Your HiveIO VDI
environment hosted
by one of our partners,
and remotely managed
by your IT teams.
You install
the VDI technology
on your own premises
and take full control
of your infrastructure.
Regardless of which option you chose, HiveIO will ensure your success and deliver the most advanced and
complete VDI solution on the market.

A Typical example of DaaS Architecture

But with the flexibility to meet your needs

Remote Access – From Anywhere – From Any Device

Not all DaaS is Created Equal

What makes HiveIO DaaS unique? We put you in the driver's seat, by giving you choices and flexibility. You get to control the things your IT team wants to own – for example, Active Directory, Application and OS management, Desktop Templates, and assignments. We take care of the things you don't want to waste time or energy on, such as hardware procurement and maintenance, datacenter access and security, deployment and maintenance of the virtualization infrastructure. Or if you want a white glove service where everything is managed for you? No problem!

Need more detail about DaaS?

Cloud Server
Want to Experience HiveIO VDI before Deciding?

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