Hive Fabric – 8.4.5 Update

In the first quarter of this year, the HiveIO team took the initiative to proactively reach out to all its customers to gather feedback, identify areas for improvement, and discuss future plans. We are delighted with the enthusiastic participation and positive response from all our customers. We would like to remind you that you do not have to wait for us to contact you to share your feedback. We value your input and welcome you to reach out to us anytime at with your suggestions and feedback.

Apart from the positive feedback we received for our staff, several customers expressed their interest in receiving notifications when a new release is available. We are pleased to announce that HiveIO will be implementing this feature, and you will receive a notification like this whenever a new product update is available. This notification will also include a link to the product Release Notes and other important information related to the update.

Thank you for your continued support for HiveIO, we appreciate your trust in the Hive Fabric platform and our team of experts.

Release Version Hive Fabric 8.4.5
Release Date April 7, 2023
Release Type Maintenance release
Release Notes
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Restart Required Yes
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