Hive Fabric – 8.5.0 Update

If you have been following our updates, you’ll be pleased to know that our 8.5 release is finally here! Our team has worked tirelessly to bring forward the latest technology to our Hive Fabric platform. This new update brings a host of enhancements, including improved vulnerability remediation, supportability, and functionality.

The Hive Fabric 8.5.0 release marks a significant milestone primarily focused on the upgrade of the underlying operating system. This release brings forth a seamless integration of the latest long-term support version of the operating system, empowering Hive Fabric with enhanced capabilities and performance. By diligently upgrading the supporting operating system and seamlessly integrating it with Hive Fabric’s internal components and engines, version 8.5.0 ensures the continuity of all functionalities and features while preparing the platform for future releases and upcoming features. With this major upgrade, Hive Fabric establishes itself as a forward-looking solution, delivering a robust and reliable platform to users.

Please refer to the 8.5 release notes, link below, for more details regarding this update.

Thank you for your continued support for HiveIO, we appreciate your trust in the Hive Fabric platform and our team of experts.

Release Version Hive Fabric 8.5.0
Release Date July 17, 2023
Release Type Major release
Release Notes
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Restart Required Yes
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