Hive Fabric – 8.5.2 Update

As we rapidly approach the conclusion of 2023, we are excited to announce our final release of the year, Hive Fabric version 8.5.2.

In this release, we have incorporated essential fixes and enhancements inspired by the valuable input we received from your suggestions. Our commitment to quarterly feature and enhancement releases remains steadfast, ensuring that we continually refine Hive Fabric to maintain its reputation as a high-performing and reliable platform.

For a comprehensive overview of the changes and improvements in version 8.5.2, please consult the release notes linked below. Thank you for your continued support for HiveIO, we appreciate your trust in the Hive Fabric platform and our team of experts.

Release Version Hive Fabric 8.5.2
Release Date December 7, 2023
Release Type Maintenance release
Release Notes Support Portal – Release Notes
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Restart Required Yes (see release notes for details)
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