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DCIG Top 5 Rising HCI Vendors Award

HiveIO was just awarded as Top 5 Rising Vendors in the Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) space.  We are proud to be recognized by Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG) for this accomplishment and even more so of the work we have accomplished to reach this new height.

Read the article for yourself, there is some great information included in their Top 5 Solutions report (we don’t share your information).

Cost Effective GPU Desktops with Intel Flex 140 GPU

The results of our testing with Intel’s Flex GPUs have left us exhilarated about the future of GPU enhanced virtual desktops. With remarkable performance capabilities and Intel’s dedication to cost-effective virtual GPUs, businesses can embrace the full potential of VDI without the limitations imposed by licensing costs and complexities.

  • Flexible – empower up to 62 desktops with a single Flex 140 card
  • Yes, cost effective vGPU’s – Intel & HiveIO provide virtualized GPU functionality with no additional licensing requirements.
  • Higher Densities – offloading graphics and compute tasks to vGPU reduces CPU utilization and allows higher desktop counts per host.

Read more about the Intel Flex 140 GPU integration with Hive Fabric on our website.

What others are sharing

Whether it is validation that we are on the right path with Hive Fabric or suggestions on how to improve the platform, we love to see feedback. One of our customers recently shared their experience with Hive Fabric in a Google Review.

Bill Justesen

Amazing software that is stable and always works. We never had any problems with HiveIO’s virtualization and liked the ease of use it provided to our staff. Training new employees to use it took fewer than 5 minutes.

What’s included in Hive Fabric?

  • Proactive Support services
  • Hypervisor (KVM)
  • Virtualized Server/Desktop workloads (VSI/VDI)
  • Software Defined Storage – RAM and/or Hyperconverged storage
  • Built-In Desktop Provisioning
  • Integrated Message Bus
  • Secure MFA Gateway Access & Brokering
  • Browser based Management and Monitoring