Hive Fabric - All-in-one, Zero-Layer Software-Defined Datacenter

Simple | Powerful | Ready

Hive Fabric brings to market an industry first all-in-one Software Defined Data Center in an easy to deploy and manage platform. A simple, powerful, and ready solution that installs on a wide range of x86 commodity hardware allows customers to quickly and efficiently build out private clouds at significantly lower cost. Hive Fabric caters to multiple verticals with diverse workload types including VDI, VSI, Grid Computing and Big Data. Provides a platform to run and manage a wide variety of applications and services. It is the simplest and most efficient way to replace expensive hardware, complex licensing and vendor bloat with streamlined, distributed management that will predictively scale and auto heal.

Download Hive Fabric™  Solution Brief

  • Paas
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Virtual Server
  • Shared Storage