Virtual Desktops, Virtual Servers,
and Software Defined Storage in a Single Install

HiveIO has combined an Intelligent Message Bus, with innovative engineering, and a unique user interface, to develop the Hive Fabric virtualization solution, from the ground up. Hive Fabric enables customers to deliver virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software defined storage, in a single install, within 45 minutes, and without the need for specialists. Customers save capex by extending the life of existing hardware or deploying on commodity infrastructure. Customers can focus on innovating for their business by redeploying specialists, and engaging generalists to support their virtualization platform.
Let your specialists innovate where you need them most

Hive Fabric User Interface

Performance - Hive Fabric provides in host accelerated RAM, Flash or SAS based storage ensuring the fastest performing VDI/VSI experience.

GPU Powered Virutal Desktops

Simplicity - Full Infrastructure stack from Hypervisor to End Point is delivered by a single vendor, managed through a single pane of glass.

NVMe as Cache

Cost Effective - Hive Fabric PaaS stack replaces the need for expensive Hypervisor, broker and management technologies typically reducing the cost of a VSI or VDI by 50-75%.

Memory as Primary Storage

Virtualization without the need for specialists on any commodity x86 infrastructure

One Click Deduplication