Hive Sense

By Greg Dietrich, VP – Customer Success – HiveIO Inc.

Many products have roots that begin with a similar “better mousetrap” story and HiveIO is no different. Presented with an overly complex and expensive path to VDI, our founders envisioned a decentralized platform where each host could independently serve all roles necessary to support the delivery of its desktops. From this initiative emerged Hive Fabric, where host servers are completely self-managed with no need for additional management infrastructure for access and control of guest workloads.

Hive Fabric is an all-in-one software platform purpose built to deliver exceptionally performant virtual work environments consisting of virtual desktops (VDI), virtual servers (VSI), and virtual storage (hyperconverged and in-memory). With our unique design, with high availability and resilience baked in, customer deployments could tolerate host failures seamlessly without concern. Each host in the cluster is fully capable to transparently take over the workload, supporting the same functions lost due to the failure. Hive Fabrics’ redundant system of management and workload services maintain your environment in an operational state, even in lieu of unforeseen failures.

To enable these capabilities, at the core of the Hive Fabric product is a decentralized shared management layer, enabling each host to simultaneously self- regulate and maintain awareness of others, including its resources, state, and any of its pending actions. By standardizing the communication format, the normalized data is already prime for AI integration. HiveIO then extended its capabilities outside of deployed boundaries by centralizing and collating valuable information about system configuration, usage, and alerts with its Hive Sense service.

Hive Sense is a cloud based and proactive monitoring service that aggregates data (when enabled) across our customer install base. The system evaluates the data for potential issues and threats that might disrupt the end customers operations and triggers the creation of a support ticket on behalf of the customer. Organizations enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing our experts are monitoring their Hive Fabric 24/7. The Hive Sense Function table below outlines the proactive alerts that initiate customer contact, listed as Proactive Support Services.

With a growing customer base, Hive Sense continuously expands the ruleset which drives our proactive monitoring.  We leverage accumulated knowledge across all our deployments from small to large enterprises to automate our support, continuously monitoring each of our environments, getting closer each day to keep your virtual estate at 100% functionality.

Hive Sense expands your in-house experience past the boundaries of your individual team.