HiveIO Launches Industry’s First Fully Integrated Hybrid Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

New capability to help organizations with COVID-19 remote workforce challenges

Hoboken, N.J. – April 7, 2020 – HiveIO, the leader in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), announced today the first of its kind fully integrated VDI platform that will deploy and run in private or hybrid cloud environments as a DaaS solution.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made it extremely challenging for IT teams to deploy VDI in traditional data centers, to enable remote workforces. This new offering is designed from the ground up to enable organizations to roll out scalable and fast performing VDI, fully as a service without the implications of racking and stacking servers in a data center.

A joint partnership with Aurora Cloud Technologies, which provides the cloud infrastructure aspect of the solution, and HiveIO’s new capabilities enables IT teams to effortlessly deploy VDI infrastructure with integrated remote access to thousands of desktop users within hours.

“We have the perfect solution for any organization that needs to roll out desktops quickly with a limited IT team that does not have the expertise or the time to deal with complex solutions, without compromising performance,” said Ofer Bezalel, founder and CEO of HiveIO. “Our hybrid cloud DaaS offering, empowered by Aurora Cloud’s services, will give our customers the flexibility to deploy VDI faster without the need to procure hardware providing the base structure to assist them to make the fundamental shift to a virtual economy.”

Today’s product announcement builds on HiveIO’s single-install VDI platform technology. Organizations can now run the platform in a private or hybrid cloud environment, shortening the process of deploying thousands of desktops, in record time, with the same efficiency, performance, and speed that existing HiveIO customers experience.

Traditionally, Hive Fabric, HiveIO’s VDI platform, is deployed in a private data center where customers provide their own hardware. HiveIO became a leading provider of VDI technology when it disrupted the industry with a single-install, easier to use solution, which could run on any x86 computer server. Today, the entire Fabric now becomes available to run in a cloud.

“As a partner of HiveIO, we understand how critical it is to enable a remote workforce, especially given the timing of real-world pressures that exist right now,” said Jim Peragino, CEO of Aurora Cloud Technologies. “We are excited to work together with HiveIO to tackle this global issue. We have the technical know-how to get hybrid clouds and Hive Fabric deployed quickly, and HiveIO provides the very best VDI technology there is, to enable remote workforces without unnecessary complexity.”

How HiveIO’s DaaS Works and Benefits

HiveIO’s Hive Fabric is a platform that offers fully integrated virtualization, software-defined storage, and all other VDI technologies in a single fabric. As the only commercially available solution to deliver a true all-in-one VDI platform, this new solution is designed for rapid deployment, typically in less than one hour. The technology runs on an artificial intelligence-ready, hardware-agnostic architecture that any IT generalist can manage – without any special certification. The entire stack is easily managed through a single-pane and easy-to-use console.

“With HiveIO, organizations can experience the world’s most performant VDI platform while quickly realizing reduced cost and complexity within and outside an organization’s IT,” said Bezalel. “HiveIO gives users the freedom to scale and meet and abide by regulatory or corporate compliance with ease. Our DaaS offering makes it easier for organizations to deploy the industry’s leading VDI platform, without much hand-holding.”

Focused on simplicity, IT teams do not need to become virtualization experts in order to manage the environment. Suited for deployment by a single IT manager, the software runs on any x86 server platform and does not require expensive hardware investments. The system, built on swarm intelligence, can self-heal and provide unparalleled performance without hands-on management. In the face of the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak, users — remote workers, students, and staff can securely access their desktops from anywhere.

Bezalel noted, “It is hard to believe how quickly the vast number of workers and organizations around the world have been impacted by this virus. Throughout this crisis, we have been helping our customers — enterprises, colleges, universities, and hospitals — quickly transition to the new realities and seamlessly provide remote access to workers and staff. With our DaaS offering, we can support the expanded demand and want to make sure VDI is available to anyone that needs it in these trying times.”

90-Day Free Unlimited Access and Licenses

For select companies, HiveIO is providing 90-day free of charge unlimited licenses, and unlimited licenses for all K-12 and higher education organizations for the rest of the school year. Bezalel continued, “We all need to help in the face of this global crisis. We are doing our part to minimize the pain and complexity of enabling remote workers.”

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