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Hive Fabric Everything you need for VDI

The all-in-one desktop virtualization platform
with an unparalleled end user experience

High Performing
Virtual Desktops

HiveIO delivers an unrivaled set of capabilities for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with it's software platform - Hive Fabric.

Hive Fabric includes everything you need to deliver VDI. From the Hypervisor, Storage, and Networking on theinfrastructure side to the Desktop Broker, Profile Management, and Simple Interface to empower your users.

You can have your new VDI deployment up and running within an hour of downloading the ISO.

What's included with Hive Fabric

Built on Industry's Leading
Open-source Hypervisor

Hive Fabric builds on the industry leading open-source hypervisor - KVM. A highly scalable and efficient hypervisor.

KVM has been deployed to hundreds of thousands of servers and includes active contributions from many of the largest technology companies and cloud providers.

Hive Fabric simplifies the deployment and management of KVM by abstracting it’s complex array of options and interfaces into a simple-to-use way that is orchestrated through our evolutionary Message Bus and UI.

Many Storage Capabilities & Options

Storage is the key to a successful VDI project providing the foundation for a performant desktop. With a wide variety of storage capabilities Hive Fabric ensures you can not only leverage existing investments in storage platforms, but also focus on delivering the best desktop and application performance for the end user. You decide which to use when.

  • Not limited like hyper-converged infrastructure, Hive Fabric can consume existing network based storage that an organization may already have invested in.
  • Capitalize on our unique ability to use In-Memory storage and provide the fastest stateless desktops in the industry. Turning RAM into storage will supercharge your VDI deployment giving end users better than desktop performance. (Go one step further and benefit from persistent in-memory storage with our partner Intel and their Optane (TM) solution.)
  • Bring 2 or more servers into a Hive Fabric cluster and build Hyperconverged (Shared Storage) from local SSDs in each server.
  • Storage in the cloud (AWS, Azure, etc) can be added to Hive Fabric. Typically used for Disaster Recovery, Hive Fabric enables you to protect your environment with the power of Public Cloud - pay for what you need, when you need it.

Built-in Software Defined Networking

Virtualize physical network infrastructure with Software Defined Networks. Supporting a wide variety of network infrastructure from basic 1GB to the latest 100GB technology and beyond, Hive Fabric can be deployed to optimize how the network is used. Break large physical pipes into individual logical networks to isolate different types of traffic on your network.

Optimize the end user experience by separating management and storage network on the backend from the end-user facing virtual desktops, providing the band-width where it is needed most.

Define networks based on your individual business requirements -- this could be by department, by user role, or even by customer if you are a MSP.

Intelligent Management with Built-in Message Bus

The Message Bus is at the heart of Hive Fabric, hidden away to focus on intelligently managing your infrastructure and virtual desktops. The message bus allows you to have a fully autonomous platform where you simply manage the templates and applications - the parts that matter to your business. Every transaction and usage gets written to the message bus, and provides you the ability to understand how the environment is being used, which applications are being installed, and detect anomalies and changes in real-time. Adhering to corporate or regulatory compliance becomes much easier.

Furthermore, with Hive Fabric resource management turns from a large set of guesses, rules and ongoing decision making by your IT team to a simple switch that you enable to allow our Message Bus to intelligently manage the virtualization platform and distribute resources as it see fit. After all the infrastructure is best placed to make these decisions with the help of AI more than any overworked IT contractor. The message bus will keep you apprised of any issues that may need your assistance within your infrastructure. The Message Bus is built into every server -- no additional components to manage, no databases to deploy, no need to worry about scaling and how often you need to back up.

Desktops from Anywhere on Any Device

Whether you decide to deploy a stateless desktop pool to an HR team in New York or a persistent desktop pool to a Finance team in London the broker ties all of this logic together and provides a user with an icon to click and connect to their desktop.

Not only can a user access virtual desktops but they can also securely access physical desktops and servers in remote locations. IT teams can rest at ease knowing that within a few clicks they can remotely give offsite staff instant access to otherwise land-locked assets. The pandemic has illustrated just how valuable this capability is.

Hive Fabric comes with the ability to connect through a browser and launch an RDP session, a native client for Windows and Linux for even more flexibility and end user device support. Need to access a server and only have an iPad - no problem the HTML 5 client provides end-users and administrators alike and ability to connect to their desktop or server from any device.

Delivering the Best End User Experience

Hive Fabric builds on the desktop broker with a number of required capabilities for VDI to be successful - Profile Management and GPU Acceleration. These together help drive the best possible experience for the end user while ensuring agility and optimization of resources for IT and the business.

Profile Management is a must for any VDI deployment, the user expects their icons to be in the same place every time - get this wrong and you hear about it very quickly. Implementing a patent pending capability to efficiently manage the users profile is just one way Hive Fabric ensures your end-users are happy.

Another key consideration is the speed of the desktop and how the applications can run at their best. GPU is supported out of the box for both NVIDIA passthrough and ATI virtualization - you can dynamically add resources to scale as your environment and user needs change and evolve.

Single Pane of Glass Visualization of Your Entire VDI Infrastructure

Hive Fabric's graphically rich interactions make it simple to understand your infrastructure, see any issues that need attention, and gain real insight into how you infrastructure is operating. Powered by our Message Bus - real time updates for any desktop or host stream effortlessly into the UI.

Hive Fabric continues to work in the background for you, as Hive Sense uploads configuration backups and log data back to our cloud to provide you with industry leading pro-active support. Be safe in the knowledge that our support get notified if your deployment stops communicating.

Use the AI ready Message Bus and Hive Fabric's open REST API as an integration point with the tools available in your company - leverage the insight and data from our message bus into your enterprise monitoring or reporting platform.

One Vendor, One Contract, One Support Team

Hive Fabric isn't just focused on simplifying VDI for your IT teams. We make it simple for your procurement and support departments to engage with HiveIO.

Support is provided whenever you need it - any time of the day or night on a 24 x 7 basis as standard. We want our customers to have the best possible experience and should issues arise they should be dealt with as soon as possible. You should not have to pay extra for this level of support.

Hive Fabric is licensed on a per VM per month basis, no large upfront CAPEX investment required. To simplify billing your procurement team can pre-pay in 1 ,3, and 5 year terms.

"Hive Fabric is a great product and I would absolutely recommend it to others."

Marie Timpani,
Director of IT at Mosaic Health

Deploying VDI can now be simple, time efficient, and for the first time, a pleasant experience. It's designed to meet the needs of all businesses with simplicity, flexibility, and affordability at any scale.

Download the ISO, run the installer, specify the hostname, the network settings and administrator credentials, and you are immersed in the industry's first VDI admin UI - capable of visualizing your entire VDI infrastructure through a single pane of glass.

Hive Fabric - Deployment Options

On Premises

Hive Fabric is installed on any x86 hardware from Intel NUCs on the edge to enterprise class servers with 64 cores per CPU and terrabytes of RAM. On premise deployments are typically replacing exisitng VDI infrastructure or you have requirements that mean you want to host your own infrastructure such as PCI or HIPAA compliance. Or just like to be safe in the knowledge that you have ultimate control over your own destiny.

HiveIO has the ability to help you deploy Hive Fabric or you can leverage our large partner network to bring a complete solution together for you - including hardware, software and thin clients. Be safe in the knowledge that you have a team of people to lean on.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (Daas) has rocketed to the forfront of every CIOs mind as more and more organizations look for accelerated ways to deploy VDI, especially in light of recent global events. DaaS gives you many of the benefits of a public cloud provider but at a fraction of the cost. You get the flexibility of deciding how much of the environment is under your managment and control and how much you hand over to the DaaS provider.

We partner with and power a number of DaaS providers. Deploying VDI for the Healthcare vertical vs VDI for the Manufacturing vertical has very different considerations. Our partners have the insight and knowledge of how to deliver VDI for your market or vertical, contact us if you need help finding the right partner.

How is Hive Fabric Different?

HiveIO Others
Single contract, single install, takes less than 1 hour to deploy
Complete end-to-end VDI Platform
Using swarm theory, intelligently utilize resources and scale your infrastructure
Single pane view across virtual servers, storage and clients
Easy to use – does not require certification or special training
Highly performant in-memory storage
Visibility across desktops applications, based on intelligent bus
Access to physical desktops and servers as part of the same fabric
Deployment Options – on-prem or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
Non disruptive update – no downtime during maintenance upgrades
Intelligent proactive monitoring with HiveSense
No need for dedicated management infrastructure
Linear scaling starting from a single host
Industry’s lowest cost of ownership

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