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From Edge to the Cloud, the Hive Fabric Virtualization Platform The all-in-one virtualization platform with an unparalleled end user experience, tightly integrated and optimized for your smaller Edge deployments and easily scalable to meet the demands of enterprise multi-site requirements.

What's included with Hive Fabric

From Edge to the Cloud deploy Hive Fabric Virtualization Platform

Hive Fabric’s all in one virtualization platform that can be deployed on a device as small as an Intel NUC its ideally suited for all deployments

KVM Hypervisor

KVM Hypervisor

Built on the industry leading open-source Hypervisor-KVM. Hive Fabric simplifies the deployment and management by extracting its complex array of options and interfaces into a simple-to-use way that is orchestrated through our evolutionary message bus and UI.
Fabric Storage

Fabric Storage

Storage is key to a successful virtualization platform, providing the foundation for performant desktop and server workloads. Hive Fabric features built-in hyperconverged and RAM based storage capabilities, as well as integrating with network and cloud-based storage technologies.


Virtualize physical network infrastructure with software defined networks. Supports a wide variety of network Infrastructure, from a basic 1GB to the latest 100GB technology and beyond.
Desktop Broker

Desktop Broker

Hive Fabric features a browser-based portal to connect to desktops, servers, and physical systems either through an RDP session or through the Hive Fabric integrated HTML5 based client. This client is suitable for access from any operating system, tablet, or mobile device using its HTML5 compatible browser.
Access Gateway

Access Gateway

The Hive Fabric platform includes the ability to create its own secure access gateway, deployed as a separate virtual or physical appliance or as an additional function of an existing host. The gateway supports MFA technologies, using the RADIUS standard, or includes a token based 2FA based on Open Auth.


Hive Fabric is unique in that it does not require any dedicated management infrastructure. Built on an intelligent message bus that is included in every host, it intelligently manages the entire platform with no additional components to manage, no databases to deploy, and no need to worry about scaling separately.
Data Protection

Data Protection

Protect persistent data with Hive Fabrics built-in Data Protection (DP) feature. With DP, replicate your critical VM's, User Volumes, and Templates to cloud or on-premises storage of your choosing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Hive Sense

Hive Sense

Hive Sense is a cloud based and proactive monitoring service that evaluates phone home data hourly for potential issues and threats that might disrupt the end customers operations. Hive Sense automates HiveIO support engagement should it identify anomalous configuration or log entries.
Profile Management

Profile Management

The user's virtual desktop experience is controlled by the Hive Fabric Profile. The Profile manages broker rules to enable and disable end user access controls, identify the user authentication domain and OU placement of the computer object, and the use of a User Volume which persists the user profile from within the desktop OS.
Web UI and Reporting

Web UI and Reporting

Hive Fabric is unique in that there is no concept of a dedicated management server or platform. Management of the platform is via our unique web UI that can be accessed from any host within the cluster. Through the web UI, multiple sites and clusters can be managed from a single pane of glass.
Desktop & Server Workloads

Desktop & Server Workloads

Hive Fabric offers a comprehensive solution for virtualizing server and desktop workloads. It serves as a connection broker for both virtual and physical desktops, all within a single platform. Whether your operating system is Windows or Linux, Fabric provides various storage deployment options to accommodate your workloads. Unlike traditional vendors that rely on shared storage for desktop workloads, Hive Fabrics utilizes a unique architecture. It enables the deployment of desktop pools across a cluster without the need for shared storage, while still supporting seamless live migrations of workloads between hosts. Additionally, there is no requirement for dedicated management infrastructure, making scaling incredibly easy and completely linear.

Discover Hive Fabric's Unique Management Approach

Experience unparalleled management capabilities with Hive Fabric's intelligent architecture. Unlike traditional solutions, Hive Fabric eliminates the need for dedicated management servers and extra infrastructure components. By leveraging an intelligent message bus embedded in every cluster host, management tasks are simplified – just connect a web browser session to any host in the cluster and you're ready to go.

Our "peer-to-peer" architecture intelligently orchestrates resources and operations, all without the hassle of separate clusters or additional hardware. Hive Fabric seamlessly integrates access, control, management, and resources into one cohesive platform. This innovative departure from conventional virtual datacenter approaches slashes costs related to hardware, licensing, and resources.

Installation and Setup

Effortless Installation and Setup

Setting up Hive Fabric is a breeze. Our all-in-one software is installed from a single ISO in under 5 minutes. The setup process is completed through HiveIO's intuitive web-based User Interface (UI), resulting in a fully operational cluster in less than an hour. No specialized training or management appliance required! With our user-friendly UI, IT generalists can effortlessly control platform management and orchestration, accelerating time to production and, consequently, time to profit.

Optimal Scalability and Versatility

Hive Fabric's innovative design allows each host to support any role within the cluster seamlessly. Scaling is simplified: install Fabric platform software on a new host (less than 5 mins), add it to the existing cluster, and the new host inherits the cluster's configuration. Scalability becomes 100% linear, and with pre-installed hosts from Arrow, estimating costs is straightforward and modular, without the need for complex infrastructure scaling considerations.
Building and Scaling Hive Fabric

Message Bus and Hive Sense

Proactive Monitoring with Hive Sense

Experience worry-free operations with Hive Sense, our cloud-based proactive monitoring service. By aggregating phone-home data from customer installations, Hive Sense detects potential issues and threats that could disrupt operations. Our experts monitor your Hive Fabric data 24/7, triggering support tickets on your behalf, ensuring your peace of mind.

Intuitive Web UI & Administration

Hive Fabric's visually intuitive interface provides a comprehensive view of your entire VDI, VSI, or HCI estate, all in one place. Adding features is as simple as a mouse-click! System metrics are always readily available, thanks to our intelligent Message Bus, which seamlessly streams real-time updates from desktops, servers, and host systems directly into the UI. Experience the future of management with Hive Fabric.
Web UI & Administration

Hive Fabric - User Interface
Hive Fabric - User Interface

Try Hive Fabric

Hive Fabric Community Edition (CE) is our free intelligent virtualization software for VDI that gives you the ability to create virtual machines on a single host. The install is hardware-agnostic, and any x86 machine will do. Hive Fabric CE installs and is ready to go in minutes.

1. Install

To get started with the free version, please click Download below and fill out the form to get access to our free version of Hive Fabric. The installation of CE is a very simple process that can be accomplished by booting with a USB, ISO, or from PXE.

2. Activate

Once you have installed Hive Fabric Community, you will need to register your ClusterID so we can activate your license key. Community comes with a perpetual license that covers unlimited virtual machines on a single host. You can upgrade to our full license that allows access brokering, clustering, and hyperconverged storage at any time by Contacting Us.

3. Configure

It takes just minutes to configure CE. Use our configuration guides for loads of tips including how to leverage our proprietary in-memory primary storage capability. There is no limitation on the amount of external storage, RAM or local storage that can be deployed.

Hive Fabric Installation

Hive Fabric Installation
Download this guide to get the step-by-step instructions on how to install Hive Fabric with an ISO boot process and the Fabric First Boot Wizard. You will also learn how to configure the host and activate your license.

Additional Guides about Hive Fabric & Setup

Access more information regarding setup and configuration at the following links, or for help from Hive technical support / contact us.

User Interface
VM Creation

Purchasing Hive Fabric

Hive Fabric can be licensed either by the number of virtual machines (where virtual machines are desktops, servers, or connected devices) or per CPU core within the cluster, depending on which licensing model is subscribed.

Licenses may be purchased for Fabric Core or Enterprise, which are available in annual terms or monthly as part of our consumption licensing available with Enterprise.

Term Licenses
Hive Fabric term licenses can be purchased either directly from the HiveIO sales teams or through HiveIO approved distributors depending upon your region / country. Term licensing discounts are available for either prepaid terms or annual payments of a term.

Consumption Licenses
For Hive Fabric Enterprise subscriptions, licensing fees may be paid according to monthly consumption, providing additional flexibility for organizations with fluctuating demands or seasonal peaks. Hive Sense collects the usage information, and we will issue an invoice in agreed upon increments (monthly, quarterly).

What's included:
Hive Fabric is an ALL-IN-ONE virtualization platform that supports both server and desktop workloads from a single platform. There are a few licensing models to choose from, depending on your use case:

A brief overview of your requirements and interests

Try Hive Fabric

Try Hive Fabric free before you purchase, simply download our free Community edition and test drive Fabric before you buy. Download Community Now

Need Assistance

If you need assistance with evaluating Hive Fabric, either as a technical evaluation or a formal Proof of Concept, the Hive Fabric team is ready to help. Contact Us to discuss how we can help.

Hive Fabric Pre-Configured and Pre-Installed Infrastructure

In partnership with Arrow Global Services, you can purchase pre-installed and configured host servers from Intel, Dell, and Lenovo.

A range of servers have been selected for maximum density:
  • Diskless - designed for stateless workloads where Hive Fabric provisions desktops in server RAM, providing industry leading performance for VDI.
  • Disk Backed - configured for a mix of stateless and persistent workloads, where local storage is optimized for hyperconverged storage, a perfect platform for HCI.

Contact us for more information!

Hive Fabric ECO system and Partners

Any virtualisation platform will always form part of a wider solution ECO system, Hive Fabric as a software solution will require infrastructure to run on and if desktop solutions are concerned, they will also require client end point devices to access the virtual desktops. In addition to this there is an ECO system of technologies that support and complement virtualisation solutions like Hive Fabric.

Hive Fabric works with several technology vendors and partners from distribution, hardware, and software vendors

Arrow Global Services – Complete Hive Fabric Solutions

Hive Fabric works with several technology vendors and partners, through Arrow Hive Fabric can be procured on a range of pre-configured and pre-installed with Hive Fabric. See pre-configured server

Intel L9 Servers and Optane Persistent Memory

Hive Fabric is unique in the market in being able to utilize RAM as a primary storage pool for the deployment of non-persistent VDI. As a result, the platform is ideally positioned to take advantage of Intel Optane Persistent Memory delivering proven performance and is Ideally suited for high density, high specification VMs Learn More

Hive Fabric Approved Thin Client Devices

Hive Fabric is approved for deployment with a number of thin client hardware and software solution vendors, see

Application Packaging and Delivery

Hive Fabric support the deployment of applications within its platform either installed with the desktop template or Image or for more advanced management and deployment there are a number of 3rd party vendors that are support by HiveIO including:

Liquidware Labs FlexApp layering dynamically delivers applications to any Windows desktop environment without affecting the underlying base image or operating system. The solution supports VDI, physical PCs and laptops, and cloud-based workspaces. The new FlexApp One feature enables seamless Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployment and distribution by any file transfer method for flexible online and offline use! Innovative and industry-first features such as Click-to-Layer (apps on-demand), FlexApp Cache, and seamless support of cloud object-based storage, make FlexApp the logical "go-to" application layering choice for any organization.

Legacy Box enables customers to continue running legacy applications safely and securely when they are deemed business critical. Legacy Box secures the relevant applications, abstracting them within a warehouse, which then allows customers to move to the latest, secure operating systems.

appCURE® is based around the CURE (Capture, Update, Remediate & Execute) where problems around moving applications to delivery at a pace that fundamentally shifts the time to production of digital workspaces from years to months.

appCURE Studio, built upon the appCURE process, has the capability to create the most optimal and best-utilised environments for your digital workspace by automating the creation of multiple package format types including MSIX app attach

Profile Management & User Experience Monitoring and Reporting

ProfileUnity goes beyond the limits of platform specific profile tools to provide full User Environment Management to address the needs of enterprise deployments of Microsoft Windows at scale.

Liquidware's Stratusphere UX is the industry-leading digital experience monitoring and diagnostics solution. An independent and platform-agnostic architecture, the solution provides user-centric visibility that is persistent across platform delivery. The ability to examine and drill down into user, machine and application workloads is critically important to optimize the workspace environment and design an Applications Strategy.

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