Spring – 2022

By Greg Dietrich, VP – Customer Success – HiveIO Inc.

Here we are, about midway through 2022, we hope everyone is safe and healthy as we all focus on a return to normal. We wanted to take just a few minutes to share with our community the new and exciting things happening in our corner of the world. We have some updates to share with you regarding our latest releases to Hive Fabric and the Hive Fabric Client, as well as some trends we thought you might find interesting.

Product Updates

Hive Fabric

Last we spoke, we announced that we would split our next major release into two updates. The first of those is now available, and we are proud to introduce Hive Fabric 8.4.0. This release focused on stability and resilience, with creature comforts and enhancements thrown in. Included in this update are an enhanced alert mechanism, improved guest access handling, and UI additions that have been long on our most requested features list. All this in addition to the expected platform efficiencies and issue resolutions are in this exciting Hive Fabric release.

For a list of our updates, please view the Release Notes for Hive Fabric 8.4.0 on our support portal at https://support.hiveio.com.

Cluster Health

To provide an easy and intuitive method to gauge the cluster’s health, we have added the ability to switch between the current “tile” view and a new “table” view. This updated view allows users to easily switch to a sortable table showing all guests, their associated resources, and relevant user metrics. As seen in the example Manage Hosts table below, this will provide the administrator the information they need to quickly gauge the health of the cluster and streamline their experience managing Hive Fabric.

Hive Fabric Client

In the latest revision of our installable Hive Fabric Client for Windows, we focused on addressing additional feature requests received from our customers. Combined with other efficiencies, these enhancements provide additional deployment options and the ability to specify the target desktop pool, further streamlining the end user experience.

Hive Sense

Hive Sense is at the center of our proactive support, allowing us to keep our hand on the pulse of our customers. Along with our capabilities to automate contact should we identify potential issues, we also leverage the associated metadata about our deployments to ascertain other valuable information.

We would like to share with you some interesting insights we have gleaned from this raw data, which includes usage patterns, recommended hosts, and much more.

Vendor Deployments

Not a day passes without that all familiar, “What hosts do you recommend?” With Hive Sense, we can be quite accurate with our response as it is derived from information gathered from all participating customers.

Care to Share?

Are you interested in sharing your use case or experience with Hive Fabric? Would you like to provide candid and constructive feedback? We would love to hear from you and use your story in a follow up newsletter. Reach out to us at info@hiveio.com.