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Executive Summary & Findings
  • A large percentage of organizations are severely impacted by COVID-19. No surprise.
  • Over 70% of organizations have increased IT costs associated with the outbreak, while revenue is going down
  • Up to 40% of organizations have IT staff reductions either to illness or layoffs, putting even more pressure on the rest of the IT organization which must support 90%+ more remote people
  • 85% fear more risk to the business across a variety of categories, due to the work-from-home changes
  • Majority of the organizations are relying on legacy technologies such as VPN to support remote workforce and not introducing newer and better solutions to make their remote employees more efficient, and to reducing risk

1. What industry does your organization operate in?

The audience include participants from a wide variety of industry verticals.

2. How many employees (students) at your organization?

Over 50% of the audience has more than 1,000 employees.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how has COVID-19
impacted your IT organization’s ability to support
and maintain the continuation of your business?
(1 low, 10 high impact)

Half of the audience is impacted to a great degree by the
outbreak and 1/3 have reached an extreme impact

4. How has COVID-19 impacted the cost
associated with supporting remote
people, such as purchases of additional network
hardware, computers, software, etc.?

70% have experienced an increase in cost at a time when business are on the
decline. Close to 20% have experience an increase of 50% or more.

5. Has your IT department lost staff either to downsizing,
illness or other reasons specifically due to COVID-19?

20-40% of possible loss in IT staff can be dangerous for organizations
that have thousands of employees, and information
technology as the backbone of their business.

6. What percentage of your workforce was already working
remotely 100% of the time before COVID-10 outbreak?

70% of these large organizations had less than 10% of their employee remote before
the outbreak. Now, 100% are remote. IT teams now must support 90% more.

7. Are you running new remote desktop management
tools to monitor, manage and support your at-home
employees and staff, as a result of the impact of COVID-19?

Over 70% have not deployed any new technology to support their
90% more staff remotely, leading to additional business risk.

8. Do you believe the large increase to the number of people
working remotely has added risk to your business?
If so, please identify the risk. (Check all that apply)

As the data shows, the risks to businesses are vast and numerous

9. How aware are you about the benefits and
value of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
technology in empowering remote workforce?

VDI can be a major delivery mechanism of efficiency, cost reduction,
and risk reduction, but yet over 30% of these large organizations
don’t know much about its value.

10. Have you had staff members require remote log in
and access to physical computers and desktops?
If so, how have you solved this during COVID-19?

People still need physical access, even when remote. This data shows
that up to 70% of organizations have had to deal with this challenge.

11. Are you using VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
technology to enable your workforce / staff / students, etc. today?

More than 50% of these large organization are not running VDI,
nor have they looked at it as a solution.
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