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All-in-one virtualization platform
delivering a complete VDI solution with
unparalleled end user experience.
  • Remote Access

    Remote Access

    Hive Fabric’s desktop broker offers a wide range of options for remote desktop connection.

    Access protocols include
    • RDP,
    • 2 Factor Authentication,
    • and smart card access.
    The End-user access can be configured to meet the most stringent security requirements.
  • Storage


    Hive Fabric provides a unique set of storage options including in-memory caching, hyperconverged, and external storage. Systems supported:
    • NFS,
    • CIFS,
    • Ceph (RBD),
    • Amazon AWS,
    • and Azure
  • Hypervisor


    Hive Fabric's Hypervisor offers a unique and powerful set of options for the virtualization of physical resources. Those options are designed to accelerate desktop and application performance

    Physical resources that can be used for virtualization:
    • RAM,
    • Flash or SAS storage
    • GPU acceleration
    •  NVME Caching
  • Orchestration


    Hive Fabric’s Message Bus and distributed orchestration remove the overhead of maintaining additional management infrastructure.
  • Profile Management


    The profile management functionality allows to configure granular controls over your users and pools. It enables to customize remote desktops according to the end-user’ needs without having to sacrifice IT compliance or security
  • VDI Technology

    VDI Technology

    Hive Fabric is all-in-one VDI and Virtualization solution.

    Its feature set includes:
    • hypervisor,
    • Remote Monitoring and Management,
    • VDI Provisioning,
    • Broker,
    • Gateway,
    • and Storage Acceleration services.
    All those services are deployed in just one single install. Hive's deployment doesn't require any added appliances, systems or layers of security.

Hive Fabric Solution Brief,
Installation Guide and FAQs

VDI Templates
How-to Guide

A virtual desktop or virtual machine has three critical parts: the template, the optimized golden image, and the Delta disk. Getting VDI templates right the first time around is essential for successful VDI deployments. Learn how to build the perfect template that will make your life easier.

Hive Fabric CE
Introduction Guide

Download this guide to get all your questions about Fabric and Fabric CE answered. From the difference in functionalities between the two editions to how to create a desktop pool or installing Hive Fabric as a Virtual Machine.

Hive Fabric
Installation Guide

Download this guide to get the step-by-step instructions on how to install Hive Fabric with an ISO boot process and the Fabric First Boot Wizard. You will also learn how to configure the host and activate your license.

Additional Guides about Hive Fabric,
Virtualization, Datacenter, and Disaster Recovery

Hive Fabric and
Citrix XenDesktop

Read this roadmap on how to offer the Xendesktop workspace at a lower TCO, OPEX, and CAPEX using Hive Fabric as your VDI and Virtualization software instead of deploying the rest of the Citrix components.

Virtualization and
On-Premise Cloud

Get the benefits of the Public Cloud and virtualization in your data center. Replace complexity with the convenience of an agile solution that is simple, easy-to-deploy, and affordable at any scale.

Data Protection and
Disaster Recovery

Learn how you can use Hive Fabric to deploy secured virtualized applications with built-in backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Options include backup and restoration, mirroring, and Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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