George Nealon Joins HiveIO as VP of Global Sales/CRO, Shares Why Hive Fabric is Designed to Manage Workloads of the Next-Generation Intelligent Data Center

By George Nealon

George Nealon joins HiveIO as Vice President of Global Sales/CRO. With more than 20 years of global enterprise sales experience and API integration from IBM, Apigee, and more, Nealon will play an instrumental role in pursuing the company’s strategic roadmap.

For the past seven years I’ve worked with global corporations as they embarked upon the challenge that is “digital transformation.” A successful digital transformation plan requires that the developers, tasked with delivering new, innovative applications, can locate and access data residing in backend systems buried in the data center and across public and private cloud platforms. It is equally important that there is no disruption to workloads running across these core systems of record, which are the life blood of the business. According to Gartner, this delicate balance is called “Two-Speed IT or Bi-Modal.”

Digital transformation dramatically changes how developers and their business counterparts go to market with new products and services. It also creates enormous demand and pressure on an already stressed data center team. They must be more responsive and ensure availability of the core systems that end users depend on to keep the lights on. All too often, I saw priorities like digital transformation derailed, because data center teams couldn’t keep up with the demands.

In response, legacy virtualization vendors have been layering on feature after feature in an attempt to meet the growing demand from companies to modernize their data centers. The introduction of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) by a long line of vendors was the latest attempt to streamline and simplify the requirements of today’s data center. In a short period of time the HCI space created a collection of commodity options that have failed to reduce cost, dependency on proprietary hardware, the need for product specialists, and complexity. Not to mention most require bundling with other products or third-party solutions to address key capabilities like VDI.

When I was introduced to HiveIO and the Hive Fabric™ solution, I was captivated by the innovative approach, value proposition, and focus on simplification achieved through an underlying intelligence. Hive Fabric is an end-to-end software-defined data center solution that deploys on commodity bare metal X86 hardware and addresses the key features and visibility that a data center team requires to keep up with the demands of a modern business. In a single click, Hive Fabric delivers a KVM-based hypervisor, server virtualization, shared storage, storage acceleration, orchestration for management, and a rich set of VDI specific capabilities all connected by a powerful and intelligent Message Bus.

A key differentiator of Hive Fabric is the Message Bus, designed to capture all actions and data end-to-end from the hardware, to the hosts, to the virtual servers, to VDI, and end user applications. The HiveIO engineering team purposely built the Hive Fabric solution to leverage this data in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with the goal of delivering intelligence to the data center.

The Hive Fabric solution removes complexity and reduces the need for an army of specialists to manage your three-tier architecture or HCI implementation. Due to the simplicity of the management, a streamlined design, and the reduced operational expense, Hive Fabric is built to grow with your VSI & VDI deployments. Hive Fabric has become a very attractive option for education, healthcare, and financial organizations, in addition to managed service providers that depend on VDI to keep up with the requirements of demanding end users.

In summary, Hive Fabric replaces traditional three-tier architecture and today’s HCI options. The solution installs in hours (not days) and eliminates the need for an army of expensive specialists. Hive Fabric reduces the time required to identify and resolve issues. It is delivering on the promise of HCI without the cost, complexity, and proprietary vendor lock that all other HCI vendors fail to mention. Hive Fabric is an intuitive, modern, visually appealing, and performant solution. The product is built on a foundation of core open-source components and routed in simplicity, purposely built to deliver the benefits of AI and ML to the data center. All this with the added benefit that we can clearly articulate the predictable Hive Fabric cost model in about 20 seconds.

Looking forward, the Hive Fabric solution is designed for the demands of the modern data center. It offers a foundational architecture and rich set of the core features required to manage and respond to the workload requirements of the next-generation intelligent hybrid data center.