HiveIO Introduces Hive Fabric Community Edition (CE), Offering Free Trial of AI-Ready Virtualization Software

The 12-month trial allows IT generalists to experience the simplicity of
deploying virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage.

Hoboken, NJ, July 25, 2019 – HiveIO, Inc., a company that transforms commodity data center equipment into an intelligent virtualization platform, today launched the Community Edition (CE) of Hive Fabric. The free, year-long trial provides potential customers the opportunity to take a new approach to virtualization – one that is Artificial Intelligence (AI)-ready, scalable, and frees up IT teams for business innovation.

Legacy storage and cloud solutions come with complex layers of frustration, rigid functions, and demanding management, from multiple vendor contracts to staffing high-value IT specialists who spend the majority of their time reconfiguring their data center. IT teams end up wasting time and money deploying and supporting their virtualization platforms. With Hive Fabric CE, users can set up virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage (SDS) while saving CapEx and extending the life of existing hardware or using commodity infrastructure.

“No value is added to a business’ bottom line if IT teams are drowning in data center complexities that don’t offer increased operational performance,” explained Dan Newton, CEO at HiveIO. “We don’t believe you need to run your data center that way, and that’s why we’re launching Hive Fabric CE. IT teams can now experience the benefits and ease of an intelligent virtualization platform for themselves, free of charge.”

Hive Fabric is a hardware- and vendor-agnostic intelligent virtualization solution that installs in minutes and can be production ready in 45 minutes. The latest software release can be managed by an IT generalist and provides increased operational capabilities to further reduce the time needed to support a virtualization environment while also maximizing the performance, capacity, and spend on existing infrastructure.

The Hive Fabric CE functionality includes:

  • Access to the industry’s only in-memory primary storage solution
  • The ability to deploy and consume local and external Network File System (NFS) storage options
  • The ability to establish up to five virtual machines, including virtual desktops
  • Access to Hive Fabric’s unique user interface to deploy, manage, and maintain storage, virtual servers, and virtual desktops

The CE license is valid for 12 months and can be deployed on a single physical server. There is no limitation on the amount of external storage consumption, or the amount of RAM or local storage within the single server. Hive Fabric CE can be easily upgraded to a production ready, full-version virtualization solution at any time.

Hive Fabric CE is available now and Sign up for a demo and get more information at

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Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, HiveIO transforms commodity data center infrastructure into an Intelligent Virtualization platform delivering virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage in a single Hive Fabric install on any x86 commodity infrastructure. No specialists required. The simplicity, performance, and security of our AI-ready Hive Fabric solution removes complexity from the data center while providing scalable power for the workloads of tomorrow. For more information, visit, or follow HiveIO on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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