HiveIO Launches Design-Centric User Interface, Revitalizing Data Center Management

The new UI shows how data center components are connected in real-time through a single window

Hoboken, NJ, December 4, 2018HiveIO, Inc., a company that transforms commodity data center equipment into a software-defined virtualization platform, today released a completely revitalized user interface (UI), providing a new way to visualize the data center. As part of its latest Hive Fabric 7.2 release, the new UI offers a user-driven design that instantly understands resource utilization, identifies issues, and provides real-time updates on changes across the data center.

“Improving the experience for end-users is critical,” said Kevin McNamara, CTO of HiveIO. “Our new user experience goes well beyond administration as it was developed with a user-first mindset. Through the new UI, admins can now see their entire data center in a single pane, offering a holistic view of every layer from servers all the way up to the VM. The alert-driven UI also reduces the time to resolve issues, providing a better service to the business.”

Feeding straight from Hive Fabric’s AI- and ML-ready Message Bus, the new UI in Hive Fabric 7.2 provides real-time information, alerts, and metrics in an easy-to-consume intelligent visualization. The Hive Fabric 7.2 UI reduces many complex operations in the data center— such as determining the status of a virtual machine— to a simple click.

Traditional data center management platforms isolate the various layers within the data center such as the hypervisor and storage making it difficult to find resources like virtual machines and require specialists to manage them. Hive Fabric 7.2 combats this issue by allowing users to see real-time information across the entire solution in a single window. The single visualization provides insight into how all of the data center components are connected while also optimizing the workflow for administrators to make it easy to find and act upon vital information.

“Complexity in the data center is one of the largest challenges facing the enterprise today, costing an increasing amount of time to deliver the same level of service to the business,” said Toby Coleridge, VP of Product at HiveIO. “Hive Fabric 7.2 continues to build on HiveIO’s mission to remove complexity from the data center and provide the simplest, most effective, end-user experience possible. Through the launch of the new UI, Hive Fabric allows an administrator to visualize and manage their entire data center with a few simple clicks”

The platform is designed to scale to tens of thousands of resources, visualizing what’s important and adapting to the rapidly changing data center. Some other key features that enhance the operational capabilities of the Hive Fabric 7.2 platform include:

  • Intelligent Application Pooling: The ability to build pools of applications in both Windows and Linux servers. Resources are automatically adjusted as the load indicators from the application, such as CPU, change bringing operational efficiencies to the data center.
  • Adaptable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Scaling: Cluster Resource Scheduler will adapt the speed at which virtual machines are created and will continuously monitor the health of the environment and adapt accordingly.

The new UI comes as part of the Hive Fabric 7.2 launch and is available now. For more information, visit

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