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Achieving Peak VDI Performance
with Intel Optane & Hive Fabric

Global resurgence for VDI
demands the best performance

Virtual Desktop technology is experiencing a global resurgence with adoption accelerated by the 2020 pandemic. VDI has become a priority for many public and commercial organizations. With all of the momentum in the marketplace, choosing the 'right' or 'best' VDI poses several challenges: Cost of deployment, complexity of management, and most importantly, the end user experience. Without the very best end user experience, VDI as a whole will not succeed.

Seeking Higher Performance VDI

One of the biggest challenges with deploying virtual desktops has been storage. VDI technology typically uses either hyperconverged storage or network attached storage (NAS) to deploy desktop VMs. The performance and latency from the storage used will directly impact the end user experience. HiveIO has had the ability to turn RAM into storage for a number of years. This has provided the best possible end user experience, but at the cost of giving up memory that could be otherwise utilized to run desktops.

With the introduction of Intel Optane Persistent Memory, Hive Fabric can provide the very best end user experience leveraging the next generation of in-memory storage. This solution delivers the industry’s most performant VDI experience at costs that have not previously been attainable.

The only VDI solution that is able to
utilize RAM as a primary storage pool

HiveIO is the only VDI solution that is able to utilize RAM as a primary storage pool for deployment of non-persistent VDI, delivering the very best end user experience for VDI. Combining Hive Fabric with Intel's Optane technology, our joint customers are experiencing the best performance at the lowest cost, and the test results below prove it.

About Intel® Optane™
Persistent Memory

Intel Optane Persistent Memory is an innovative memory technology that delivers a unique combination of affordable large capacity and support for data persistence. Based on a revolutionary non-volatile memory technology from Intel – and offered in a DIMM Form Factor – the technology combines the best of memory and storage traits into one transformative product.

Intel Optane Test Results for VDI

The following are results of two industry benchmark tests - PassMark Disk Test & IOmeter, to assess the overall storage performance of the Virtual Machines:
Disk performance
improvement over NVMe
Lower cost than servers with
standard DDR4 RAM
Linear scaling ability with HiveIO
unique peer-to-peer architecture
See the Full Technical Report

Server Spec Dual Intel® Xeon® Gold 6230R, 1024GB Memory, 2x 240GB SSD

Intel L9 Performance Servers

In partnership with Arrow Global Services, Intel® Fabric L9 Performance Servers can be purchased pre-installed with Hive Fabric. A range of servers are available for every workload type with standard diskless servers, disk-backed server and range topping performance servers deployed with Intel Optane Persistent Memory. Hive Fabric, combined with Intel's latest technologies across compute, memory and storage, enables organizations to leverage the performance benefits for all users, including those with heavy compute and memory requirements. Intel L9 Performance Servers deliver the highest performance VDI in the market without any cost premium.
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