Marking a new era in desktop virtualization with HiveIO

In the world of end-user computing there are two key considerations that matter: the end user experience and a simple-to-manage virtualization platform to host virtual apps and desktops. HiveIO, which recently joined the Citrix Ready Program, delivers one of the simplest, top-performing virtualization solutions available in the market today. Let’s look at each consideration at little closer.

End-User Experience
Citrix is the proven leader in application and desktop virtualization. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops enables organizations to give employees the app and desktop experience they need to succeed — on any device, over any network. This is precisely what the high definition experience (HDX) technology behind it is for, helping organizations reach far-flung corners of the world with minimal bandwidth (and even farther, delivering apps and desktops in space for NASA). HDX has a proven track record for delivering a first-class end-user experience.

Simple-to-manage virtualization platform
Virtualization is critical to many organizations. Over the last decade, organizations trying to deploy app and desktop virtualization have had to manage numerous components that make up virtual desktop infrastructure. And all of it needed to be designed and deployed for the unique needs of each customer.

This became more complex as the number of choices increased. Solutions are evolving to deal with more and more edge use cases, bolting on acquisitions, and changing organically at a rapid pace. All these bells and whistles add noise and complexity for most mid-market customers. In fact, adding features, functionality, and complexity runs counter to what most organizations really need right now — simplicity. They demand a solution that stands up quickly and manages itself, taking the complexity and the need for specialists out of the equation.

Consider the core component of a virtual app and desktop deployment: the virtualization infrastructure. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is often deployed on VMware infrastructure, which can be costly from a licensing perspective and takes a tremendous investment of time to learn, get admins certified, and then deploy and manage.

Companies are recognizing that there are viable alternatives. Why pay for and complicate your deployment with bells and whistles you don’t need? VDI management should be simple, and maintenance should be easy. Swap out a complex management platform with the Citrix Ready validated Hive Fabric from HiveIO, enabling your end users to leverage Citrix solutions to deliver an empowering user experience.

Hive Fabric autonomously manages the infrastructure distributing desktops among servers ensuring the right balance of performance for the end user while optimizing the available resource. This is all enabled by a simple throw of a switch versus the more historical approach other vendors take to configure hundreds of rules, hoping that an admin has more insight into how the infrastructure is utilized and then revisit these every few months.

Join a new era in virtual apps and desktops by taking a different approach to building your infrastructure. There is a faster, more economical, and more powerful solution that customers around the world are using, from major universities to large businesses to hospitals, where having the right technology in place can mean the difference between life and death. Sign up for a demo today and see the real power of tomorrow’s virtual apps and desktops.

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