Mosaic Health Deploys HiveIO Virtual Desktops

Enabling doctors and nurses to work remotely in the face of a global pandemic 

Hoboken, NJ – July 21, 2020 – HiveIO, the leader in the all-in-one Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software market, announced Mosaic Health, the most recent new customer in the healthcare industry, has deployed HiveIO’s Hive Fabric.  Mosaic Health, in business since the early 1960’s, provides access to health- and wellness-related services to individuals and their families, regardless of financial, cultural or social barriers. 

Serving and supporting families, in particular low-income families, Mosaic Health seeking to reduce expenses, improve operational efficiencies and generate greater business cost savings, took a hardline look at IT costs.  Despite a long-term vision of deploying VDI to drive down IT costs, Mosaic faced several common challenges with its growing remote workforce.

  • Desktops or laptops for each provider cost more than $1,300
  • Assets need refreshing every few years
  • Managing updates and security requires additional operational costs
  • Greater security risk in providing portable assets storing potentially sensitive data

Mosaic evaluated VDI solutions from several vendors and found deployment either too complex, expensive or both. After evaluating solutions from major cloud providers, Mosaic realized the all-too-familiar lesson of inexpensive cloud solutions becoming wildly expensive following deployment – up to more than double and triple the initial price. 

In early 2020 Mosaic learned about HiveIO and its rapid deployment of a single install platform with the lowest cost of ownership. With only a few weeks to select a service and technology solution, an initial HiveIO demo and presentation showed great promise for Mosaic. The global pandemic – Covid-19 – added another layer of complexity to the decision-making process. Mosaic Health had to support doctors’ and nurses’ ability to deliver services without contracting the virus. To avoid in-person patient contact as much as possible, the ability to facilitate telehealth became the paramount strategic business operations next step.  The deployment of VDI was fast-tracked, and within days the HiveIO platform was online. 

“Mosaic Health is known for its ability to deliver quality health care to its patients effectively,” said Ofer Bezalel, founder and CEO of HiveIO. “The pandemic placed unplanned stress and strain on the organization’s infrastructure. We are extremely happy and proud to help with the deployment of VDI, which allowed Mosaic Health to quickly adjust their processes and ability to treat their patients. We are committed to do our part to ensure their success.”

Mosaic Health Benefits from HiveIO

While cost reduction was the original driver for Mosaic Health’s deployment of VDI, the organization and their end users of Hive Fabric have recognized additional benefits, including: 

  • Cost savings vs traditional desktops 
  • Easy access to desktops from anywhere on any device
  • Ability to leverage fast internet access for remote homes and sites lacking fast bandwidth
  • Added security and adherence to compliance  
  • Enabled employees to work remotely, thereby reducing the chance of infection
  • Improved manageability and support of remote desktops 
  • Maintained business continuity  

“I think HiveIO is a fantastic product.  From previous experiences with VDI, I was anticipating some issues, but the performance and reliability have been exceptional.  I would absolutely recommend it to others,” said Marie Timpani, Director of Information & Informatics at Mosaic Health.

About HiveIO Inc.

HiveIO is the developer of Hive Fabric, a tightly integrated all-in-one virtualization platform for VDI – providing an unparalleled end-user experience. HiveIO has helped hundreds of organizations reduce the complexities of VDI management, by leveraging swarm theory technology to intelligently utilize resources, scale their infrastructure, and simplify its management. To learn more about HiveIO, visit Follow us on Twitter at @HiveIOInc.